Brian Trautman is the owner and captain of the Sailing Vessel Delos. In part 1 of our interview with him, he speaks to us about the wide variety of jobs that led him to forge his own path to become a successful sailing blogger. Brian bought the boat in and eventually took on his brother, Brady, and met Karin while in New Zealand. Compensation Science: Before managing a sailboat and a travel blog, you worked in a wide variety of roles. What was your early career like? My Dad was self-employed and supported our family by running a small sandwich shop and deli in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Straight out of high school I started working for the phone company U S West. I was the guy in the truck with the spikes on my boots that would climb the poles and repair the lines after a storm knocked them down. It was a cool job and I got to work outside which was nice. I actually really enjoyed it. I started taking night classes at a community college, and finally transferred to the University of Washington.

Working full time while attending the engineering college was tough, but I made it happen. Microsoft was an interesting place to work, much different than the culture of the older style phone company I was used to.

brian and erin trautman

The Redmond campus at that time had just over 35, employees, all very smart and at the top of their field. I learned a lot there and got to work on the massive Windows team for almost two years.

Within a few weeks I put in my notice, along with two other friends from Microsoft and we started our own software consulting company.

As it turns out for the first few years Microsoft was actually our biggest customer as they were favoring contract work instead of hiring more full time employees at the time. We ended up growing the company to about 35 employees, and it was a fantastic experience. Very fast paced with a do-anything start up mentality.

I was able to learn a lot about managing and motivating people, and generating new customers.

brian and erin trautman

It was a crash course in running a small company. By this time we had been running the company for a few years, and it was starting to mature and I grew restless. It became more about growing the business and paying the bills than the technology, and I felt myself becoming less passionate about the day to day operations. The last few years I had been fantasizing about traveling and taking some time off.

I think Americans are expected to go to school, graduate, get a house and mortgage, and work until you retire. I had stashed some money away during the good years and with the down turn in the economy it was a perfect opportunity to take some time off. So I sold everything, turned the business over to my partners, and bought Delos with the intention of going sailing for 1.

At least that was the plan! Could you talk about the process of getting into sailing and how you built up the skill set to lead such an epic voyage? But I always felt drawn to the ocean, in fact being closer to the water is why I moved to Seattle to go to university.We just wanted to go.

When we finally started to share our dream with people in Seattle, everyone wanted to know where we were going. Wherever the wind takes us. It seemed too risky to let ourselves dream beyond that. There was so much to do before we left—buy the boat, get the boat ready, rent our house, save enough money, quit our jobs, get married!

And we knew enough to know that weather windows, safety of the crew and boat, and the plain fact that the Pacific Ocean spans a massive area, can ruin plans and spoil expectations. Here we are, in Mexico.

When we register for college, we must declare a major. Over the next week we need to ask ourselves a few big questions: Do we sail to the South Pacific islands from Mexico, or do we go south to Costa Rica and then the Galapagos Islands?

Should our first stop in the South Pacific islands be the Marquesas group, or do we leave a little earlier and explore Easter Island and the Southern Tuomotus beforehand?

Is our ultimate goal New Zealand, or should we head north of the equator for cyclone season? Of course, we all know that plans change. A month ago, when we were anchored in Espiritu Santo, we helped fellow sailors contact family members who had flown to Mexico to meet them for Thanksgiving.

They were supposed to meet their family miles north of where our boats were anchored, but weather and illness had prevented them from making their destination. A few days ago I met a couple who had planned to spend just months in Mexico and have been here happily for years. Perhaps not having a plan is enough of a plan. Skip to content. Buy us a Beer! Search for:. Everything made possible by The Delos Tribe. Thank you! Cart Search.Erin Russ lives in Ojai, California, with her partner and their six-year old son.

She is currently at work on a memoir about the two years she spent sailing on the high seas. Hi David, thanks for saying hi! Do you sail?

Erin, You have gone to what I consider a more expensive place to live but with much better weather than the Puget Sound. I am not what most people would consider a sailor, although I built a small sailboat and sailed it out of Santa Cruz one day and in many lakes in CA. You have many friends around the world and we all wish you the best, wish we could hear more from you.

Hi Ray, yes the weather here is much better than the PNW, most of the year. I think the summers are too hot! Hi Erin, Is it strange that Brian is married to another women who is living in your Previous home? They have become quite popular on utube and in the sailing community. Do you ever watch them? Must be so strange! It was strange nearly 10 years ago, when Brian and I first separated. It was really strange and sad and heartbreaking and terrifying. And how sometimes that new thing is even more beautiful, and even more right than before?

And I think Brian is happier, too. Of course, I miss talking to him and sailing with him. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Erin Russ lives in Ojai, California, with her partner and their six-year old son.

To reach out to Erin directly, please email: erin. Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it. Hi Diane, It was strange nearly 10 years ago, when Brian and I first separated.

Thanks for saying hi! I hope you keep in touch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.Asia at Sea talked to Brian about how this all started and to find out where they are now and how they are getting along.

brian and erin trautman

When and where did you buy her? Did you name her yourself? And if so what does the name mean? I remember the first time I walked down the dock and saw Delos sitting there. I was living and working in Seattle at the time and had been shopping for a solid, blue water cruising boat for over a year. I went to a bunch of boat shows drooling over everything then heard about the Amel boats from a cruising seminar.

It just happened to be in Bellingham, a few hours drive north of Seattle almost on the Canadian border so I headed up to take a look. I put in an offer and the sale closed a few months later in June of Delos was named by the previous owner and the history goes a little something like this.

Zeus was a bit of a player and was fooling around with Leto. In fact Zeus got her pregnant. Hera found out and banished Leto. Zeus called in a favor from his bro Poseidon who used his trident to create a magical island named Delos, which was someplace between heaven and earth. Artemis and Apollo were then safely born on the Island of Delos. Strangely with a trip to the library on a sunny Seattle Day.

I was browsing the shelves and saw a book with a bright blue ocean on the cover. Was that even possible to do these days? It then occurred to me that this was the ultimate way to travel! A way to mix adventure and self sufficiency with the art of sailing.

And so the dream was born. The initial plan was to sail to New Zealand. I spent the next 4 years dreaming, saving, planning, and selling all my worldly possessions. Most of my savings had been spent by this time so we stretched the budget razor thin to make it happen.There are several choices that have created shifts in my life and a few that stand out above the rest. Moving to London one week after graduating high school to work and live away from home for the first time in my life, and deciding to move to the other side of the world for three years to study Landscape Architecture in Melbourne, Australia stands out the most.

If anyone is thinking of visiting there or making a similar choice to me in moving there, do some research on the place to fully understand the area, such as looking at the best restaurants in north melbourne! I am now about to start a new amazing adventure and to top it all off get to do this together with the person I love.


These are big choices that have had a great impact on my life and they have shaped me as a person but there are also the thousands of small choices we make every day. In January I made a series of small choices that clearly changed my life; 1. I chose to eat at the nearest restaurant available which happened to be a taco place called Mexicali Fresh, where the very friendly staff invited us out to party with them.

A friend got lost during a wild night out, and the search for her ended up on a super yacht. I got in to a silly argument with a lovely friend which ultimately kept me on the super yacht where I met the Delos crew.

I did not know then that these choices would end up being some of the best I have ever done — they led me to Brian and the start of this incredible sailing adventure. The plan is to, during roughly seven months, make our way up the Australian coast and leave Darwin by the beginning of August.

I followed my heart falling in love with Brian, knowing that we would not be able to spend time together for a long time.

It would be months without seeing each other, weeks at a time with only satellite email as communication. We would live two completely different lives, Brian sailing the South Pacific and me finishing my degree in Melbourne. But looking back, completely worth it! It would take a year before we got to spend more than a few weeks here and there together but every chance I got I flew from my student life in Melbourne to meet Delos on her adventures through the South Pacific Islands.

I spent 5 amazing weeks in Fiji and got to experience my first passage from Fiji to Vanuatu, before it was time to fly back home to Melbourne, this allowed me to find some nice places for Where to stay in Fiji for the future! This time I stayed on the boat for 3 amazing months sailing down the Australian coast, diving The Great barrier reef, and spending endless lazy days at Hamilton Islands 5 resort pools.

The crew in Fiji. Sunset cruise Hamilton Island. I am now back on Delos after 1 year. It seems like it was only yesterday that me and Brian watched Delos getting pulled out of the water to the dry storage in Bundaberg.

A lot has happened since then. I managed to finish my degree, travelled through America for 3 months and I also had the chance to work and visit family and friends in Sweden. When I have talked to people about this sailing adventure the question I get the most is how much have I sailed before? And to be honest my sailing experience is not very high, which is a little nerve racking, but I feel really thrilled to learn!

The second question is will it be hard to be in such a confined space with these people for months at the time? I have known the Delos crew for about 2 and half years now and they are such amazing people.

But if I do need to find my own space one of my favourite spots on the boat is the bow, a place filled with peacefulness, ease and an incredible view!

Skip to content. Buy us a Beer! Search for:. Everything made possible by The Delos Tribe. Thank you! Cart Search. We are now going on this adventure together and I could not be happier!Sailing SV Delos is a YouTube channel which chronicles the travels and adventures of video bloggers aboard the sailing vessel Delos. They film their experiences and adventures, which include island exploration, hiking, underwater diving, partying, meeting local people, in addition to sailing across oceans.

Trautman grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona with a love of the outdoors, and worked as a diesel mechanic during his high school years and later earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. In their early days, they often had to work in local marinas to make money for boat repairs and fuel.

Inthe crew re-thought their business model, and learned how to support their income from YouTube with crowdfunding and Patreon campaigns. The Delos team has made over videos. Delos is a foot long Amel Super Maramu. From toit sailed over 70, miles. As a former electrical engineer, he used his knowledge to make various improvements to the boat. The crew has engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors, such as contributing to restoration efforts on the island of Dominica which had been ravaged by Hurricane Maria in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Youtube sailing channel. Creator Awards.

Brian and erin trautman

Retrieved May 24, Imagine sailing the world, chasing summer That's what the crew of SV Delos have been doing for the past seven years Yachting Monthly. Skip to for the stormy stuff Practical Boat Owner magazine.

WithYouTube subscribers, 1. Will Bruton talks to the crew of SV Delos to discover ways to future-proof your yacht that improve life on board — and are kinder to the planet".

Yachting World. When Brian Trautman bought a 53ft Amel Super Maramu in he had little intention of living aboard for ten years. But after putting 70, miles under the keel, visiting 46 countries and creating over YouTube videos on the incredibly popular channel SV Delos he and the Delos crew were considering making a change Elaine Bunting and Terysa Vanderloo explain how it can be done". One of the earliest and best of these is Sailing SV Delos, a core group of four very media-savvy people cruising on an Amel Super Maramu.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Articles containing potentially dated statements from August All articles containing potentially dated statements Official website not in Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Brian and Karin Trautman have spent the better part of the last decade sailing the world, on their trusty sailboat, the Delos.

HORRIFIC Sailing Into a DARK VORTEX of Wind and Rain - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 288

Brian hails from Arizona, and met his Swedish wife, Karin, on the boat's maiden sail to New Zealand in He asked her to go sailing for the weekend, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Together, they have sailed to over 45 countries, and have racked up more than 70, ocean miles. Their video library contains episodes that allow viewers to experience what life on a sailboat is all about; luxurious beaches, tumultuous seas, incredible scuba diving, unexpected damages and lots of new friends met along the way.

Inthe couple welcomed their first baby girlSierra, and she quickly became the youngest crew member aboard Delos!

brian and erin trautman

While their routine has changed slightly to incorporate Sierra's needs, the Trautman's are committed to their nomadic lifestyle, and have continued to sail with baby on board.

What inspired you to leave everything behind for the open water? What were your lives like before you became sailing enthusiasts?

It was actually a pretty decent job. I made good money and had a decent house in the suburbs with a big flat screen TV in every room. But I felt completely unfulfilled. The entirety of my day was broken up into 50 minute chunks. I realized that my favorite part of the day was my bus ride to and from work. It was a time where I could just listen to music, relax, and watch the world roll by. No emails to answer, no phone to pickup. The time was mine! I decided that the money and acquisition of material goods were not going to replace this hole I felt in my life so I decided to take some time off work and take stock of my life.

It was an inspiration tale about a man that built a small boat and took off on a 3-year trip. The story and the aspect of traveling from country to country across the ocean really appealed to me. The fact that you could live self sufficiently on your own boat, taking your house and all your world possessions with you as you traveled from place to place sounded incredible.

After reading that book I decided to buy a small boat myself, a Catalina 22, and sail it around the protected waters of Seattle and Puget Sound. Now a few years later I made a decision to go all in. I stopped eating out, stopped buying anything not absolutely necessary, and sold my house and everything else I owned and traded it all in for Delos, a 53 foot sailing ketch capable of crossing oceans.

I had enough savings to last for 18 months at best I figured.


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