Nioh took me by surprise back when it released in Due to it being stuck in development hell for several years, my expectations for it at the time were low. Seeing as it also took clear influences from Dark Souls, I expected it to be just another clone, but even just mentioning its Soulslike flavour now feels wrong as it did so much to differentiate itself that it managed to stand firmly on its own two feet.

nioh 2 sentience

It easily became one of my favourite games of the year and even this generation. You no longer play as William Adams, instead you take on the role of a player-created half-human and half-demon, being known as a Shiftling. That is until you meet a man by the name of Tokichiro who convinces you to join him on a journey as he tries to find more to life than being a simple peddler of wares.

There is some intrigue surrounding your backstory, but I found it more fascinating to see Tokichiro gain favour with figures such as a young Oda Nobunaga. The Japanese voice acting is also incredible. Nioh 2, for the most part, is structured in pretty much the same way as the original.

Thankfully the levels themselves are much better designed this time around with a much bigger emphasis on verticality and interconnectedness leading to some satisfying moments of exploration. Stances make a return with you being able to switch between a fast and quick attacking low stance, a slow but powerful high stance and balanced mid stance.

You can switch between these stances on the fly and it is as fun as I remember it to be. While it may seem overwhelming to a new player, once you get used to the management of your stances it becomes a blast making snappy decisions that could either result in your victory or death. Much the like the first game, Nioh 2 makes smart decisions in how it ties its customisation into the core mechanics.

For instance, Ki pulses, which is a move that restores an amount of Ki or stamina with a timed button press of the block button, can be incorporated into dodging and even switching stances.

Nioh 2 - Soul Core Guide - Fusion, Alignments, and Maxing Rank

This allows you to maintain a fast but graceful flow of combat where you can manage your Ki by not just blocking but by staying nimble and experimenting with different styles of fighting. Nioh 2 goes even further by throwing in the new Yokai Skills and Yokai Shift mechanics into the mix.

Nioh 2 Yokai Weapons Guide – Yokai Swords, Axes,Spears

Being a half-Yokai Shiftling, you can harness the power of these Japanese folklore creatures by not just transforming into one but by absorbing the powers of others. You can now transform into one of three different Yokai forms when a special gauge is filled up: Brute is focused on parrying and dealing heavy damage to enemies while Feral specializes in speed and Phantom is all about ranged attacks and teleportation.

Choosing which form to use ultimately depends on your playstyle as each one not only handles differently but has their own set of bonuses based around your build and stats. While Shifting is generally something you reserve for boss battles Yokai Skills are used more in moment to moment combat. If I had to compare this system to something else I would say that it reminds me of the Tactical Soul System found in both Castlevania Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow wherein you absorb the souls of fallen enemies and are able to use their special abilities.Nioh 2 has some new mechanics that you will need to get to grips with if you are going to really take it to those demons.

One of the new things added to the game is Soul Cores. This can be gotten by defeating powerful Yokai enemies, who will drop them on death. Soul Cores allow you to do special moves and attacks and can be extremely powerful. Anima is earned while you fight, each attack slowly building up your animal bar, which is the third purple bar at the top left of the screen, under your green Stamina bar. Each Soul Core move will cost a certain amount of Anima, normally four of the smaller bars that make up the overall larger bar.

This means you can get two Soul Core moves from a full Anima bar, so you want to use them when they will give you the most benefit. You can find equipment, armor, and weapons in the game that will have modifiers for how much Anima you can gather, how fast you can get it, and the right items can even increase the size of your Anima bar.

You can even add certain attributes to items at the blacksmith if you really want to lean into a build that relies on Soul Core moves. If you are in combat, and desperately need more Anima, you can use Lantern Plant Fruit to replenish it.

Anima is also used to perform Burst Counter moves, so you need to be careful about which move you really need in a fight.

All rights reserved. Image via Team Ninja. Older Posts. Latest Posts.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Nioh 2 is the best soulslike yet, a disruptive spin on the masocore genre that feels blessed with a blistering pace in combat despite its clever focus on tactics and staging in-between.

By boldly splitting up the conventionally connected environments of its forebears, it delivers a replayable, pulse-pounding adventure for those trying to scratch the itch and offers the first fully co-op soulslike campaign — a revelation in its own right.

Nioh 2: How to Get More Elixirs

Its devotion to history and folklore in tow, Nioh 2 forges a compelling identity for itself within a derivative genre. In a moment where I was confident that the game was leaning on tropes, it chose to cut right through the fog, setting a disruptive standard right out of the gate. Framed during the Sengoku Jidai — a busy period of warring states in Japanese history — Nioh 2 is technically a prequel to the original, which was well renowned for its crushing difficulty and historically interesting narrative.

It followed Irish samurai William in the dying throes of the Sengoku period, prior to the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate. Related: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review. Yet in Nioh 2, Team Ninja offers you a blank slate to create your own samurai, complimented by a remarkably robust character creation tool. The game even seems to be self-aware of its toolset, with the option to reinvent your character being a pool you have to lean into, Narcissus style.

The game is split up into disparate missions that you can complete multiple times for better loot and hidden collectables — your only means of escape from each level being death or a special set of rare items, which develops the level of caution. There are your more intricate main missions with boss battles and cutscenes, but also side missions and tricky twilight jaunts that remix previous maps and throw gauntlets of Yokai at the player to test every weak point.

Some of the sub missions are story relevant too, with none of them feeling like uninspired fetch quests relying too hard on the joy of the main maps. One had me chasing a Kappa for its riches through a linear path full of demons — it felt like an R-rated Crash Bandicoot level.

Related: Best PS4 Games. This includes a shrine at which you can pray to level up, a dojo for honing your craft and various character-tuning systems. One shrine allows you to change your Guardian Spirit, a new feature for Nioh 2 that lets your character flex their half-Yokai heritage in battle, transforming into a devastating beast to deal massive damage for a short amount of time. Likewise, you can attune soul core skills to your spirit in a separate menu, gained from the bodies of slain Yokai and grafted straight out of their moveset, turning you into a spear-hurling monkey or a burrowing Warai for a short few seconds.

Related: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Preview. Perhaps my main problem with Nioh 2 is the amount of time you spend between missions preparing and sorting your gathered loot, of which there is plenty. My co-op partner and I would often complain about the time it takes for us both to completely prepare before we move on to the next mission, especially given that Nioh 2 is such a sizable game — the campaign spans several map screens.

I spent many happy half hours tuning my samurai and their trusty Tonfa, resetting skills and wasting money on failed forges to ensure I was the apex Yokai predator. Related: Everything we know about PS5. The game leans hard into Japanese folklore, specifically Yokai, resulting in some truly horrific enemy designs from the depths of the collective unconscious. Unremarkable umbrellas suddenly dive at the player, eyes ablaze with fury.

Naked, toothy-grinned burrowing monsters erupt from the ground to stun and overwhelm. Nioh 2 contains a laundry list of nasties that will fuel cheesy nightmares and send your adrenaline into overdrive. When you defeat multitudes of these enemies you also begin to understand their language — their gurgled, garbled death knells become speech which the protagonist can interpret eventually, a deft touch from Team Ninja.

Related: Best PS5 Games. Just watch out for the walls with eyes baked into the concrete, ok? The detailed particle effects and minutiae of Nioh 2 really make the experience sing. Maps are detailed and reward exploration, with clever enemy placement catching you off guard down the various Daedalian routes that divert your attention from the main objective.

You only have a certain amount of Okochu cups at any given moment, and if you run out you can fight with the build of a stranger from across the world to regain them.No matter how good you are, you are going to take some hits during the very tough encounters that await you, and restorative items are essential to your success. Here is how to get more elixirs in Nioh 2. Elixirs are the most basic, and essential, restorative items in Nioh 2. They function more like Blood Vials in Bloodborne than Estus in Dark Souls; that is to say, they are single-use, and you are going to want to grind for them wherever possible.

Enemies will drop them, and they can be found in chests and by looting bodies, although the chances of finding them are completely random. You are able to hold a maximum of eight Elixirs at any one time, with any more you find being transported to a larger stockpile in your storage. Any time you rest at a Shrine, your stock will be refilled. At the Shrine, there is a sub-menu called Make Offering, and here there are a variety of ways to ensure you are always fully stocked with these essential restoratives.

Firstly, you can make an offering to the friendly little Kodama who guard the Shrine. By donating unwanted gear, you will, in turn, receive Divine Rice, which is a currency you can use in the Kodama Bazaar. There is also a chance you will earn Elixirs simply through the act of donation.

Next, you can receive a Kodama Blessing for a small fee, and the one we want is called the Healer Blessing. So make sure you have the Healer Blessing active, offer up any of your unwanted gear in exchange for Divine Rice, and then purchase Elixirs from the Kodama Bazaar. In addition to the Elixirs you will pick up, you should have no issues maintaining a healthy stockpile. Nioh 2 is a fantastically designed game, and its many interlocking systems reward you for interacting with them, and they all synergize well.

Check out some of our other helpful guides:. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: elixirsnioh 2Team Ninja. To Top.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Yokai Weapons are special weapons in Nioh 2. Yokai Weapons can be found for any of the in-game weapon categories, and are obtained by defeating Yokai Enemies in game. They have special properties, but are also corrupted by the Yokai Realm.

Yokai weapons are imbued with Corruption, which allows them to deal additional Ki damage, and build up the Corruption Status Effect on those it is used against. Enemies that are inflicted with the Corrupted Status Ailment receive increased Ki and Yokai Force damage, of which, a portion is absorbed by their attacker. When you inflict damage on an enemy with a Yokai Weapon, your Sentience Gauge will build up.

When it fills completely, you will achieve an Awakened State, during which, your weapon's power will be enhanced. When it awakens you also hear the thoughts of the Yokai weapon up to 5 based on your familiarity tier with the weapon. So, the hunters switch glaive isn't a yokai weapon. Some weapons can have the yokai modifier, and it gives them generic yokai weapon dialogue instead of the unique dialogue of other weapons, so the hunters glaive is a regular weapon, which CAN have the yokai weapon element.

Is these weapons OK against yokai even if they are all resistant to corruption? Tips on corruption perk says that KI damage is done basing on corruption resistance. Interesting fact about these, these are the only weapons that can be soul matched with soul cores. This is helpful since this game introduced the "you can only soul match with items of the same rarity rule. Sign In Help Sign Out.

Toggle navigation. Search Results. What is a Yokai Weapon Yokai weapons are imbued with Corruption, which allows them to deal additional Ki damage, and build up the Corruption Status Effect on those it is used against.

What do Yokai Weapons do? Dual Swords. Hand Cannons. Yokai Weapons. Blessed Weapons.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Prepare for the fight of your life with revamped mechanics that build on the fan-favorite elements of Nioh, requiring your full concentration and skill.

Follow the way of the samurai with traditional weapons including swords and hatchets, or fill your Amrita gauge to wield mighty Yokai abilities and destroy monstrous foes via a variety of mighty attacks. Call upon the spectres left behind by other Nioh 2 players to aid you in combat. All Nioh 2 News in one convenient link! Nioh Review. Battle of Sekigahara explained. Blending concepts of Ninja Gaiden with Dark Souls, nioh focuses on fast and precise combat. Pure Fun Easier than first one but still great adventure Cant wait on dlc.

nioh 2 sentience

It's a good distraction from what could be some of the most inept leadership in all of human history. Is possibly to dodge with O instead of X? Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Nioh 2 Builds, Patch 1. Nioh 2 News All Nioh 2 News in one convenient link! Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior, in this challenging action RPG sequel. Explore violent Sengoku-era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, both plagued wih grotesque, merciless demons.

Unsheathe your deadly weapons and cut down all enemies in your path using a revamped combat system and the ability to transform into a full Yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers. Check out our other Wikis: Complete List of Wikis. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Lin VIP. Few days left! Don't forget to Pre-Order!

Fexelea VIP. Load more.The boss encounters in Nioh 2 can be extremely tough, and require a steady hand and a cool head to overcome. Here is how to beat Enenra in Nioh 2. As you might imagine from the name of the Main Mission, Enenra is a fire Yokai, and thus is weakest to water.

nioh 2 sentience

You face Enenra in a large square arena, and immediately you will notice four support beams that are evenly spaced around the corners of the room.

If you can bait Enenra into attacking them, the support will break and inflicting massive Ki damage upon him in the process. Enenra is a dangerous opponent, as he is both quick and powerful, whereas most of the lesser foes you will have faced by this point are either one or the other. He has a variety of hard-hitting melee combos that can quickly make mince-meat of you, and it is better to dodge them rather than to try and block them.

Be sure to dodge away from his basic three-hit combo and keep an eye out for the lunging kick he will often follow it up with. While it is possible to get some hits in between, play it safe and only strike Enenra after his two-handed slam attack, as he will be vulnerable while recovering. If you hang back, Enenra will summon tornados that will home in on you, and inflict damage over time if they connect.

This attack is fairly easy to dodge, but if you get caught out of Ki or are backed into a corner it can easily kill you. You are given ample opportunity to dodge, but the timing can be tricky if you are also trying to dodge hurricanes. Enenra has an unblockable attack in which he turns into a hurricane and launches himself right at you. You can stop him in his tracks with a perfectly timed Burst Counter, inflicting massive Ki damage in the process. Taking this opportunity wherever possible is key.

The last major trick he has up his sleeve is a flare attack that causes multiple flaming sparks to appear in an area and explode a moment later. He will use this quite often, but thankfully, it is quite easy to avoid, simply back away or dodge horizontally to avoid the danger zone. Like all boss encounters, Enenra will summon a Yokai Realm at various intervals, causing his attacks to inflict more damage and your own Ki regeneration speed to be drastically reduced.

Nioh 2 Review: Practically Perfect

During these moments, it is best to simply focus on defense and survive until everything returns to normal, as the penalty for making a mistake, under those circumstances, is often fatal. Keep your distance, keep your Ki up, and punish Enenra each time he uses his two-handed slam attack, but make sure not to overextend yourself. If you can keep the pressure up, and bait him into attacking one of the support beams, it will quickly Drain Enenras own Ki gauge, opening him up to a grapple attack that will inflict massive damage.

Persevere, and victory will be yours. The greatest enemy in any boss encounter in Nioh 2 is your own patience, just keep cool and you will be OK. Some other guides that might help you include:. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Related Topics: enenranioh 2Team Ninja. To Top.


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