The central bank released the permit on Jan. But BI not give permit and urged them to join local partner to realize their desires. Bank Indonesia has put a 49 percent limit on foreign ownership in companies that offer electronic money services in a bid to better regulate such services amid growing interest in financial technology. The limit was set by central bank to all electronic money issuer companies, both operating and newly handing permits.

wechat pay indonesia

The rules said, every company offering payment in electronic money services also must obtain a permit from BI. The new foreign ownership limit applies only to new investment, or to any existing firm who is changing ownership.

Based on central bank regulations, e-money businesses should secure a license from BI for various payment system service providers such as: Principal, Issuer, Acquirer, Clearing Operator and Final Settlement Operator. Google Inc. They went through two rounds of revisions, in andto keep up with developments in the digital economy. The latest regulation, PBI No. WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the WeChat app, users can complete payment quickly with smart-phones.

The Insiders Stories. Warjiyo Sees Indonesian Inflation 0. The Insider Stories offer insight on Indonesia's economy. We provide a global reference for industry intelligence, news, information and data. We are the bridge that connects investors, the business community and policymakers.

We are active across digital and events. Contact us: contact theinsiderstories.This article is an account of my experience with WeChat Pay and maybe a foreigner like yourself could set it up and experience it too. Cheap thrill, I know.

wechat pay indonesia

I learned that you could only activate the Wallet if you have a card tied to a China account. And in fact, you may not even see the Wallet feature in your WeChat app if you did not download the app in China. They have an international version that was different from the domestic one.

So I made it a point to travel to Shenzhen to open a bank account to facilitate this. I have detailed it in another article but I would just reproduce the relevant story here:. Like most other countries, our passport details were required to register the number and activate it. Unlike other countries though, we were required to hold the SIM card and have a picture taken with it. In fact, we were made to take two photos, one with the SIM card and another of just our headshot.

The Chinese Government is now able to identify us using surveillance cameras dotted everywhere in the country. There would be nowhere to hide. We popped the SIM cards into our phones. Because Google is not allowed in China, we are unable to download apps through the Google Play Store. But we soon ran into problems as we could not verify our identities to unlock the Wallet function.

We had to get someone who was on WeChat pay for at least 6 months and who has not verified more than 3 persons in one year. This is a stringent requirement, and probably one of many to tighten the mobile payment ecosystem.

We knew that beforehand and we had planned to open bank accounts in Shenzhen so that we can get China-based cards. Frustratingly, each bank required different documents for us to open a bank account. One of them requested for proof of temporary stay and directed us to obtain it from the police station. When we arrived, the policeman informed us that there are no more physical forms to fill up. We were surprised that we could use WeChat to register for the temporary stay permit. Even the police department has gone high tech.

The next thing that happened blew our minds even further. We could not key in the address of our apartment. The only way to input our address was to scan a QR code that is located outside our unit.Pasar keuangan Indonesia kian seksi.

WeChat Pay Get Permit to Operates in Indonesia

Bayar makanan, minuman, hotel, transaksi belanja, tinggal pakai ponsel melalui teknologi Quick Response QR Code di merchant-merchant yang bekerja sama. Itu karena dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, banyak penerbangan langsung direct flight dibuka dari daerah-daerah di China menuju destinasi wisata di Indonesia. Menduduki peringkat kedua setelah Malaysia sebanyak 2,26 juta orang. Kalau diamati, ini merupakan potensi untuk digarap. Ada aliran cuan yang besar di situ.

Oleh karenanya, WeChat dan Alipay masuk ke Indonesia. Tapi sebetulnya kamu tahu enggak sih apa itu WeChat Pay dan Alipay? Dirangkum dari berbagai sumber, Cermati. Bandingkan Produk Kartu Kredit Terbaik! Bagi masyarakat China, nama Alipay tidak asing lagi. Adalah platform pembayaran yang telah mengubah sistem pembayaran di Negeri Tirai Bambu. Alipay merupakan besutan Alibaba Group yang didirikan Jack Ma, si raja e-commerce. Alipay sudah membumi di China karena platform ini telah digunakan juta pengguna.

Alipay menggandeng banyak lembaga keuangan, termasuk sistem pembayaran Visa dan MasterCard. Jaringannya pun begitu kuat dengan menggaet ribuan merchant. Dengan aplikasi Alipay, pengguna dapat bertransaksi lewat ponsel, seperti pembayaran tagihan kartu kredit, air dan listrik, manajemen rekening bank, transfer peer to peer P2Pisi ulang voucher prabayar, beli tiket bus dan kereta api, pesan makanan, naik kendaraan, bayar uang sekolah, denda pelanggaran lalu lintas, sampai belanja online di e-commerce raksasa China, Taobao dan Tmall.

Pantas saja ya uang tunai dan kartu kredit atau debit kurang laku di China. Kekuatan Alipay lainnya, pengguna dapat menghubungkan akun bank dengan akun Alipay tanpa perlu menaruh dana lebih dulu. Jangan khawatir soal keamanan.

WeChat Pay dan AliPay Segera Resmi Beroperasi di Indonesia

Alipay menjamin akun pengguna aman lewat beberapa mekanisme. Pengguna diharuskan membuat kata sandi login dan pembayaran yang berbeda. Kesempatan untuk memasukkan kata sandi login hingga lima kali, dan kata sandi pembayaran sampai tiga kali. Kalau tidak sesuai, akun otomatis terkunci. Kalau ingin kembali mengakses akun, pengguna harus menghubungi Alipay. Selain itu, Alipay juga memasang sistem keamanan lain yang mampu mengenkripsi informasi melalui jaringan, mencegah pembobolan kata sandi sehingga transaksi online aman.

WeChat Pay. Perusahaan tersebut awalnya membuat layanan WeChat untuk berkirim pesan instan. Namun berkembang dengan menghadirkan solusi pembayaran yang dikenal dengan WeChat Pay. Namun jumlah pengguna aktif WeChat Pay diklaim telah mencapai juta pengguna pada tahun Alipay tentu harus waspada jika tidak ingin pangsa pasarnya terus digerogoti, mengingat keunggulan WeChat Pay yang memungkinkan pengguna mengirim uang ke pengguna lain yang ada di daftar kontak.

wechat pay indonesia

Istilahnya sih kirim angpao digital. Fitur kirim angpao inilah yang membuat basis pengguna WeChat Pay meledak. Layanan pembayaran seluler ini telah memudahkan banyak orang untuk memesan makanan, taksi, transfer uang, dan belanja online.

Namanya juga sistem pembayaran asing yang mau ekspansi ke Indonesia, harus ikut aturan main Bank Indonesia BI. Ada dua syaratnya:.During 4 years helping brands sell to Mainland China via WeChat, we collaborated with many cross-border payment gateways. These gateways are authorized by Alibaba, Tencent, and Union Pay to provides a cross-border payment solution for foreign businesses.

Most of these payment gateways cover specific countries or regions, and some provide a one-stop-shop to leverage WeChat Payment, Alipay, Union Pay and more. These official payment partners have insider knowledge of the cross-border payment war among WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay and traditional banks. They deeply understand the payment war: the scale, policy, and the incentive offered to end users.

I decided to interview several of our payment partners to understand cross-border mobile payment. Click here to learn about how to create WeChat and Alipay cross-border payment account as an overseas company. Annual transaction number is Thus, Tenpay boasts an average daily transaction number of 1. WeChat and Alipay together have a Relatively WeChat pay has a larger penetration of Based on this number, the annual transaction volume amounts to around billion RMB.

Compared with the total mobile transaction volume within Mainland Chinabillion RMBthis is a mere 0. Rick also revealed that Alipay cross-border has around 1. This makes sense given the fact that Alipay was the first cross-border payment provider to enter most countries, and is launching aggressive promotion campaigns.

It is a private company that handles a huge amount of international transfers. Tencent, on the other hand, seems to be a lot more conscious in its expansion outside mainland China:. Users can shake their phones to get up to 88 HKD coupon. By December 31st,Alipay claimed to have over 1 billion global active users. Its overseas operations may start with a collaboration with local payment agencies and banks, but they go way beyond that. Alipay cross-border team would offer overseas merchant preferred rate if the merchant directly collaborates with Alipay compared with working with third party local payment providers.

This put the payment providers at a disadvantage and they often could lose long-term clients with larger transaction volume more sensitive to the transaction fees. Rick says Alipay often also makes smaller payment partners sign a non-competition agreement, forcing the payment gateway to not provide WeChat payment.

The acquisition of WorldFirst is the last piece of the puzzle of the B2B global trade supply chain. Cross-border payment is just a small fraction of the payment business, the international transfers are the real deal. WeChat, on the other hand, strongly encourage merchants to work with payment agencies by giving the same rate to both agencies and merchants. In fact, merchants can even better deal with payment providers:.In Hong Kong, several hundred thousand Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers work tirelessly to support their families back home.

BCA Kongsi Dengan Wechat Pay

Typically working six days a week, these migrant workers spend their single day off-on Sunday, standing in long lines at money shops for hours to send money home to their loved ones.

The Filipinos and Indonesians who live and work away from home can now use WeChat Pay HK to enjoy a full range of pay-out options including instant cash pickup, bank deposits to any bank, or mobile wallet wherever they are to support their families in hometown.

Expanding to Southeast Asia — Transforming digital payment capabilities in a booming internet economy. The future of work is almost here. Is the payments sector ready? WeChat Pay HK wanted an efficient and cost-effective way for migrant workers in Hong Kong to send money back to their families in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Challenge In Hong Kong, several hundred thousand Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers work tirelessly to support their families back home.Untuk bisa beroperasi secara penuh di Indonesia, aplikasi uang elektronik tersebut telah bekerjasama dengan salah satu bank, dalam hal ini adalah CIMB Niaga.

Untuk Alipay, Sugeng mengungkapkan bahwa hingga saat ini keberadaan Alipay di Indonesia masih belum sesuai dengan ketentuan BI dan hingga saat ini masih dalam proses persetujuan dengan BI. Dengan ini, ke depan aplikasi pembayaran nontunai di luar negeri bakal bisa digunakan di Indonesia dan begitu juga sebaliknya, aplikasi pembayaran nontunai Indonesia juga bakal bisa digunakan di luar negeri.

Simak berita lainnya seputar topik artikel ini, di sini :. Muhamad Wildan - Bisnis. Simak berita lainnya seputar topik artikel ini, di sini : wechat sistem pembayaran.

WeChat Pay Get Permit to Operates in Indonesia

Berikan reaksi Anda! Tidak Suka. Urut berdasarkan. Artikel Terkait. Sesuai dengan kebijakan relaksasi restrukrurisasi OJK, penundaan pembayaran kredit masih bisa saja dilakukan hingga dua belas bulan ke depan. Namun, kinerja bank pada bulan…. OJK memastikan bahwa industri jasa keuangan seperti perbankan, pasar modal, dan industri keuangan nonbank dapat beroperasi sebagaimana keterangan pers Gubernur DKI Jakarta,….

Surplus tersebut berasal dari kenaikan pendapatan sebesar 10,67 persen yoy dari Rp7,5 triliun menjadi Rp8,3 triliun.

Berita Lainnya. Username atau Password Anda salah! Lupa Password?Filipinos and Indonesians who live and work away from home can now use WeChat Pay HK for a full range of pay-out options including instant cash pickup, bank deposits to any bank, or mobile wallet to support their families back home.

Earlier this month, the company struck a partnership deal with mobile payments provider QFPay to enable real-time merchant settlement across Indonesia. Read more…. The ITU aims to facilitate interoperability for digital financial services, and has issued two reports on the issue that focus on two distinct areas: access to payment infrastructure, and the development of national payment systems Read more…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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