World of Warcraft has truly withstood the test of time. With WoW Classic, players can visit the title as it once was, without any of the daily quests, group-finding features, or streamlined leveling. In WoW Classic, you earn everything you obtain, and it makes every green item drop and crafting material feel like something special.

Meaningful progression in all its forms is the core of WoW Classic. Picking up a new blue item can double or triple your efficiency and make you feel like a god. Crafting and professions, which have been relegated to the realm of uselessness in the last decade of modern WoW, are important and essential; every scrap of cloth and every chunk of ore go into creating massive upgrades you show off in the main cities or sell to other players.

Spending a day farming cloth to make a slot bag to carry around your stuff is a lengthy-yet-rewarding chore, and winning a boss loot roll in a dungeon can change your reality for hours to come. Entering a new zone for the first time conveys a sense of awe, exploring the haunted graveyards of Duskwood or the barren wasteland of Desolace.

Dungeons too feel the wear and tear of time, featuring endless enemies with little variation and boss battles devoid of any real mechanics. WoW Classic is far more than a historical novelty, and the incredible design shines through even today. Join Sign In. Post Tweet Email. Follow Us. World Of Warcraft. Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment. Release: November 22, Share Facebook Post.

world of warcraft classic reviews

Twitter Tweet. Email Email. Comment Comment. World Of Warcraft 15 years later, the original World of Warcraft still has what it takes to captivate adventurers. Concept Explore the World of Warcraft as it was 15 years ago. Sound Inspired voices and a stirring soundtrack keep you engaged through every zone and dungeon. Playability While not as easy to get into as current WoW, you can still see how this game brought accessibility to the then-niche world of MMOs. Entertainment World of Warcraft shows why it was — and remains — the MMO to beat, with an enthralling world and satisfying sense of progression.

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By Robin Baird on September 09, Reviews 0. Two weeks ago, Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic to the eagerly waiting hordes. There were huge queues which lasted for hours, but when players were able to finally play, they were greeted with a beautiful recreation of the Vanilla version of WoW.

The result of mashing the old with the new in just the right way is a game which is both frustrating and fun to play. Just running around the old zones and doing the old quests was refreshing, like visiting with long lost friends.

There are certain ones which are fun and interesting. However, there are a few things where I asked friends for help because somehow, a giant Kodo is a master of stealth.

My encounters with other players have been entirely positive too. That last one is my favorite thing. I might be a bit shielded from it a bit since I am playing on a PvE realm, though I do not doubt as I get into the higher dungeons and eventually raiding elitism will rear its head, as it often does. I was stunned when I started my Tauren Druid at just how long it takes her to hit things with her staff.

This perception of slowness could be due to having so few abilities available and continually running out of mana. Things did start feeling a bit better after I got bear form and could switch to that. Though this is mostly related to healing, there are some DPS applications as well. It is mostly about mana management. So, in a situation where I only need to heal a little bit or do a small amount of damage to something to kill, going for a lower spell rank is the better choice.

I knew about this being the case before starting, but I never gave it much thought before playing.MadSeasonShow actually streams on Twitch. If you would like to join a guild for Paladins feel free to add your name. We will take an alt Paladin if you will only play the Paladin as an alt.

Mad Season Show is random? Is it me or did this thread have a bunch of posts deleted? There are so many copy cat threads its hard to remember which ones I commented in or not. Madseason releases my favorite WoW videos. I like how he says he had a completely different video made then asked who he was making the video for then canned it for this one.

world of warcraft classic reviews

Good take throughout. See, here is where I admit my weaknesses. If I had a producer, I could do twenty times better narrating a video then this guy. I have a great voice, I speak properly, I annunciate. I know the game. Maybe, this guy reads my comments. Admits he could try not to sound asleep, and perks up a bit and makes better videos, they are already good.

World of Warcraft Classic Review

I know what you mean. Why bother? He even makes fun of himself for it in other videos. And he sounds different when he streams. Hey, you never know what the world is missing. They just need someone to come along and help them with that one aspect of what they need to be over the top good at something. You know, like, someone saying, hey, dude, you sound like someone shot your dog, cheer up and do it better. Again, learn to take criticism and stop deflecting.

world of warcraft classic reviews

You immediately attacked ME. Not everyone needs to like it. Just enough people that it makes him that cold hard cash. And look at his view count. WoW Classic General Discussion. Williams-akama Williams 19 June 1. This Classic WoW review is the most honest one I have seen.

Forum-azshara 18 June 9. Aedah-duskwood 18 June That Mad Season Show review is great. He always puts out quality content. Armand-destromath 18 June We need as many Paladins as we can get. Adelmarah-stormrage 18 June My favorite monotone commentator on a 15 year old game: His stuff is great.

Luariel-illidan 18 June WoW Classic really shouldn't exist. There's absolutely no reason why this many fans should want to return to content that is over a decade old, let alone to celebrate its return by completely tanking the game's servers for the first few days as Blizzard scrambled to alleviate login congestion.

In an industry that is constantly pushing forward, nostalgia is usually dished out in quick hits - a remaster of a game, sure, even some that take dozens of hours to complete - but there's always a new hook. Appearing on a modern console. Adding some elements that, in retrospect, would've vastly improved a game. Even just fixing some bugs can amount to a new lease on life for some IPs.

WoW Classic doesn't do any of that. The game is on the same platform it's always been on, with basically all of the same content, presentation, and mechanics intact. Sure, players can make the game look better, and WoW Classic add-ons are certainly lightyears ahead of some of the technology players were working with in However, at its core, WoW Classic actively removes most of the improvements that Blizzard has made to the game over the years in favor of an approach that amounts to unearthing a time capsule preserving the state of the MMORPG circa All of that sounds like it would amount to a vaguely interesting trip down memory lane that quickly grows oldbut it never does.

In spite of everything, WoW Classic somehow does what very few re-releases ever do - it recaptures the magic of one's first hours with a brand new, life-changing game, and it is just as pleasant and addictive this time around. WoW Classic is a game that favors community above nearly everything else.

That being said, how that community behaves and how it evolves isn't really controlled by Blizzard here. Beyond the usual zone restrictions and PvP safeguarding, WoW Classic tasks players with uncovering what they want out of the game without a lot of guidance.

Inevitably, the answer since launch has seemed to be more often than not a return to communal MMORPGs, where players go out of their way to help others simply because they know how hard it was during their time grappling with the content.

Alternatively, they grief: camping low level enemy faction members and making their lives a living hell. That inception of controlled chaos is the magic of WoW Classicthough. This chaos tends to spawn some of the best moments, whether it's being chased by a mob ten levels too high or trekking through dangerous territory with someone who also has to make the trip and forming a friendship through it.

World of Warcraft Classic review

It's not that these elements aren't present in other games in the genre; it's just that they don't seem to occur with the same frequency that they do in WoW Classic.Long waits to get into WoW Classic servers have marred the return somewhat, but for the most part, it's proving to be a very enjoyable stroll down memory lane.

But what's the big deal about reviving a 15 year old version of a game that never really went away? Well, can you imagine a world without World of Warcraft? And, with World of Warcraft Classic, we get the opportunity to experience those first fledgling days with the game, all over again, and see just why it was so influential.

Plus, to keep that fanbase loyal, Blizzard has added more and more to World of Warcraft over the years, piling expansion on top of update on top of expansion. What then, if you pine for the simpler, early days of the game, when World of Warcraft was fresh, new, and a little more mysterious? Playing was also more of a grind, with the less-populated lands feeling larger in comparison to today, where they are littered with quest options and easily-accessible faster traveling options.

If that sounds like a turn off, you're perhaps missing the charm that these early days held. Communities had to be stronger to take on foes, players had to be hardier as there was less in-game hand holding like basic quality of life elements, such as quest markersand the game world generally felt a little more unknown and dangerous.

Going out into the great unknown felt like a true adventure. Classic players have been reporting a series of bugs to developers Blizzard Entertainment. From minimap quest markers to player-balancing attack distances, World of Warcraft has received innumerable small quality of life improvements over the years. The launch of WoW Classic has been plagued by server issues. Put simply, more players are trying to get online to play the game than developer Blizzard can currently handle.

WoW Classic server queues have gotten so bad in some cases that wait times of up to three hours and, in extreme cases, much, much longer have been commonplace. This should settle once the initial rush to play calms down, but Blizzard has already moved quickly to open more servers to alleviate the strain. The sheer number of people playing estimated to be upwards of 2 million has lead to some funny, heart-warming community events taking place in the game too.

WoW Classic has many quests that require you to loot specific monsters for key quest items. As these monsters only spawn sporadically, the inhabitants of over-populated regions of the game have taken to literally organising in-game queues to give every player a fair shot at finishing quests.

Now that's gaming at its best. Blizzard will be keeping an ear to the community to see just how far the resurrection of Vanilla game will go.

But the consensus seems to be that fans would be happy to see the game reach its third, hugely popular expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King. While Blizzard makes that decision, it has committed to waves of content releases over time. As it stands, World of Warcraft Classic players can look forward to:. In addition, there will be a staggered roll out of PvP player versus player content within those phases:.

Whether new expansions eventually arrive or otherwise, it's looking like there's going to be plenty of content coming to keep this from being more than just digital tourism. Cut to the chase What is it? An accompanying mode to World of Warcraft that lets you experience the game as it was close to when it was first launched 15 years ago.

When is it being released? How can I play it? You just need an active paid-for standard World of Warcraft membership to gain access. See more Gaming news.Back then, World of Warcraft was a groundbreaking smash. It revolutionised massively multiplayer online games in the West, where audiences had never topped more than about half a million in the EverQuest days. One reason for that popularity was the accessibility that WoW brought to the genre. Yes, the graphics are blocky and terrible compared to the modern game.

I miss the near-constant voice acting and the feeling that all major quest hubs are organised into a single storyline. But the difficulty of Classic leveling, in comparison with modern WoW, forces your attention onto the leveling itself rather than gunning for the endgame.

I enjoyed the process of leveling itself for the first time in what felt like a decade. Need a bag to hold things in? Someone will sell it to you at cost. See someone killing things you also need to kill? Check out this amazing screenshot from player Don Mears:.

world of warcraft classic reviews

Mears is one of thousands who saw similar lines on a wide variety of servers in the North American and European regions. There are a pile of these screenshots on Twitter. A lot.

Far too much. This never, ever happened. But the end result is that WoW Classic has been a pretty great place to be this week. Yes, the questing content is largely the same as in the modern game, though truly so many zones have been revamped over the years that rediscovering those old quests is in many cases a shot of nostalgia.

But the nochanges Classic approach, which has rapidly become a meme, really stands out. It remains to be seen how many players stick with Classic after the onslaught that flooded its servers last week. That seems about right for a game based entirely on being a walk down memory lane. Still, for those that stay on this well-implemented path, unique rewards await. A well-implemented redux of a moment in time, which may surprise you with its engaging focus on leveling and the friendliness of its players.

Heather Newman. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. World of Warcraft Classic review A well-implemented redux of a moment in time, which may surprise you with its engaging focus on leveling and the friendliness of its players. Heather Newman days ago. Best PC hardware deals today. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports. Who are the biggest female streamers?World of Warcraft Classic's uncanny ability to bring players together and immerse them in adventure hasn't aged a day.

What is it? A special set of servers that emulate era World of Warcraft. Returning to World of Warcraft Classic is a humbling experience.

With thousands of hours spent in Azeroth, I've defeated intergalactic demon armies and thwarted orc hordes from alternate timelines all while amassing the most powerful gear the universe has ever known. But Classic makes braving a cave filled with level 12 troggs feel like a massive achievement.

It's not so much a nostalgia trip as it is a nostalgia fall into a pit of rusty razor blades. And, dammit, I kind of like it that way. After finally caving into pressure from its community, Blizzard's revival of era World of Warcraft is a grueling and often frustrating experience. But it's also helped me rediscover why I love Warcraft in the first place. For better and worse, this is World of Warcraft exactly as I remember playing it well over a decade ago—before expansions, like 's Cataclysm, streamlined entire game systems and forever changed Azeroth.

You can still read our original review of World of Warcraft here. Nostalgia can often be deceiving, but Classic proves that people are right to spend so much time fawning over that pivotal era of WoW's early years.

Experienced today, Classic's uncompromised vision feels endearing and rewarding, thanks largely to challenging combat that necessitates social cooperation and flavorful RPG systems that make each class feel distinct.

WoW Classic review – a smooth return to 2006

That's a stark contrast to the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, where I'm so powerful that I can accomplish almost everything alone except dungeons and raids that require a group. Even then, I'm provided with tools to automate that process and match me with a random group of strangers who usually hail from other servers. Natural opportunities to make friends have become few and far between in that version of Azeroth, but they're everywhere in Classic. The trade-off is that Classic is an enormous investment of time with no guaranteed reward.

I can spend an hour searching for a group to run a dungeon, only to have everything fall apart if our team can't coordinate properly. But I actually prefer just how intimidating this Classic version of Azeroth feels. There's a renewed sense of danger and adventure to zones that I've already spent hundreds of hours exploring, and it requires that I pay attention to my surroundings at all times unless I want to become dinner to a family of panthers.

It makes Azeroth feel new again. I rarely feel like I'm on autopilot while I'm playing—except during those occasional minute hikes to nearby zones. It's just a shame that questing in Classic is such hot garbage.


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